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Submitting Your Articles

This step needs to be done but can be a time comsuming process. Getting your articles out there is the purpose of writing them to get traffic to your website. Luckily there are services that will get your articles out there for you. You want to pick a service that gives you the most bang for your buck, which includes:

  • Easy submission
  • Submitting your articles to good article directories
  • Submitting different versions of your article to article directories so you can get more of these submissions ranked seriously in the search engines.

There is an article submisison service that submits different versions of your article to the search engines and it does it in a way that still gives very high quality to your article, and allows you to take advantage of multiple keyword phrases. for each and every article. Imagine for one article, instead of getting at most 2 keyword phrases in your link text, you get 10, or 12! You will see the results in how many search terms your web site comes up under!

This process takes about another 30 minutes, but it is well worth it. You would spend about 10 times that amount of time submitting your articles by hand. How much is your time worth?

Save yourself the time and hassles and use a powerful article submission service



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